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Accounting / Consulting

We believe that small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) are poorly serviced by the traditional model of bookkeepers and accountants who focus on compliance work and backward-looking reporting, rather than the forward-looking analysis and forecasting that a small business owner needs to make better business decisions. In addition, a reliance on hourly-based billing, and a lack of prompt customer service, means small business owners are reluctant to call someone who should be their most trusted adviser.

We believe that small business owners deserve something better than this. It is hard enough running a small business, with the long hours, ever-changing rules and regulations, and the pressure on costs from all sides.

Business owners need a trusted adviser who will be there when they need them, who understands their business and who has their up-to-date financials at their fingertips. This is why customer service is at the heart of our service delivery model.

They also need transparency and certainty around cost and fees, with the peace of mind that a call to their trusted adviser will not result in an additional cost. This is why we use a fixed fee subscription model with no hidden fees or extra costs.


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